Chané & Jonathan Morcom ATG Testimonial

Jonathan joined Against The Grain CrossFit in 2018 and later managed to convince Chané to join him for a Saturday class (after months of nagging). They both became instantly hooked and soon thereafter ditched their globogym memberships.

Over the past two years, Jonathan and Chané had a few concerns about CrossFit and joining a CrossFit Box but these became quickly outweighed by their experiences at Against The Grain CrossFit.

The biggest deterrent for both of them was the financial aspect of joining a CrossFit Box. Jonathan had always been keen on wanting to try out CrossFit but as his insurer offered him a discount on a globogym, he remained there out of convenience. Finally, he decided to take the leap and join Against The Grain CrossFit for a month, just to see whether it was worth it. He has never looked back!

Besides the financial costs, Chané was apprehensive about the typical fear that her lack of experience in lifting heavy weights would either result in her getting hurt, being judged by more experienced members or even worse – make her bulky! She is happy to say that is definitely not the case and even though the membership is more expensive than your typical globogyms, their experience of community, the quality of training and guidance from our coaches far outweighs the financial expense.

Jonathan and Chané at first found it daunting to join a new social group, especially because they had anxieties about their bodyweights and athletic abilities. However, as they soon figured out, these feelings were misplaced. From their first day at Against The Grain neither of them felt as if they were being judged and despite initially struggling with some of the workouts, their efforts were and are always congratulated. This re-enforced their belief that everybody at Against The Grain CrossFit is there to improve themselves and to enjoy fitness and health with others.

As someone reading this testimonial who is not yet a member of Against The Grain CrossFit, Jonathan and Chané recommend that you simply give it a chance and drop-in for a class and sign up for a tester month. It is only really by testing it that you will know if it is worth your while.

“If you want to join a gym with mirrors, pump iron and inflate your ego, then this gym is not for you. The community at Against The Grain is a wholesome one where you always feel welcome.”